Take me. Take all that I offer and do what you will.

Take my trust as you have proven yourself worthy. Cradle it in the palm of your hand and behold the gift. It is given freely knowing you will cherish and honour all that I am.

Take my body and make it yours. Own the curves and quivers you have coveted.

Take me to the brink of pain. Take me to my limits. Place me teetering upon the precipice, the space between here and there, known and unknown, desire and euphoria. Take me there and hold me

hold me

hold me

until tears freely flow,

until my breath no longer comes

until I cease to be me… but am so much more me.

Take me there. Hold my hand. Penetrate my soul with your promises.

And push me over the edge.

Watch as I drift, momentarily weightless, eyes wide in terror. Smile as I fall. Rejoice as I crash through boundaries that would have rendered me broken but for you. Take my limp form as I land in the security of your lap, in the sanctuary of your arms as you bring me back from oblivion.

Revel in my arousal.

Take the trickle on your fingertips and tenderly touch my tongue. Feed me my lust for you, my lust for the pain. Feed me and watch me beg for more.

Take my laughter and giggles and savour the freedom.

Take pleasure as I discover new limits on top of new experiences where before there was only ignorance.

Take my need for more as an opportunity to teach me, grow with me and take pride that I am yours.

Take my glitter and glee, exuberance and zest for life and community and toss them to the wind. Watch as they float and fly and flutter, freeing fools, feeding friends, forgiving foes. Take comfort in knowing I will always strive for goodness.

Take my dedication to my career and push me to my goals.

Take my love of my family and support me as I care for them.

Take my need to write as my need to breathe and provide me space.

Take my truth when I tell you my safeword and that I know how to use it. Take my word that I will respect us both by carrying it close.

Take from me to feed the beast. To quench your thirst and quell your aches. Take until you are satiated. Take note that I trust you with my safety.

Gently take my Little. Rock her when she’s frightened, feed her when she’s hungry, warm her when she’s cold.

Take shelter in my aura those times when you are in need. Allow me to bathe you in sunshine and honey. Take my breath so that you can breathe easier.

Take my gift of service. Celebrate as I bear your beverage or kneel at your feet. Respect the power it takes to unquestionably obey.

Take my need to please and give me opportunity to succeed. Take this for your own and not for granted.

Take my submission. Take it as it is offered, raw and primal, carnal, mighty and fierce and never question its authenticity.

Take me for who I am, all of the dirty pieces, the shattered and mended bits, the wrongs never righted, the torturous truths never told. Take it all without judgement or the need to repair. I am not broken. I am whole, wretched and whole. And not for everyone. But I am for you. Every last adorably corrupted piece of me.

Take all of me for I have the strength to give.


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